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Funding is addressed to producers who wish to produce high budget films, for the realization of which funds from abroad are definitely required, and aspires to be the basis for film making of high artistic and technical standards.

Considering that the success of such a venture requires costly production means and a persistent search for additional resources, we decided to provide support for all stages of production. The financing amount is between a minimum of €250,000 and a maximum of €400,000 provided the overall funding does not exceed 50% of the film's total budget. We provide the initial support for new films even before alternative sources of finance form other European agencies so as to help producers with additional funding from organizations such as Euromages.

Funding Application Form


  1. The production house, the producer and/or the executive producer must have proven experience in international co-productions. The producer’s previous work is a decisive criterion in the acceptance of a proposal. 
  2. The director must have directed at least two feature films with plot or a feature film with plot awarded at a recognized film festival. The director’s previous work is a decisive criterion in the acceptance of a proposal.  
  3. The director cannot be, at the same time, the producer of his work, unless, along with the submission of the proposal, an executive producer with experience in international co-productions is appointed.  
  4. In the case of international co-productions, the budget is unlimited, but priority will be given to the review of proposals whose budget does not exceed €1.710.000.
  5. Production houses having their seat in a Member State of the EU, and which operate in Cyprus through a permanent branch or office, are also entitled to receive funding under this category.



Maximum budget
Maximum participation by XMAS
Minimum participation by XMAS
Funding of Script
Funding of Production Plan Developement

The disbursement of XMAS’s participation amount is made as follows:

  • 20% upon the signing of the production agreement
  • 50% one month before the commencement of filming 
  • 20% upon the end of filming 
  • 10% upon delivery of the first print and the accounting verification of the budget. 

XMAS funds the overall budget of a film with a percentage not exceeding 50%. This funding includes the eventual funding of additional stages in the production of the film, such as scriptwriting, the development of the production plan, the promotion of the film and participation in festivals.  
The producer will be free to spend at least 20% of the total budget of the film in Member states of the EU without being faced with a reduction in the funding granted in accordance with the plan. 



  1. Complete final script
  2. Budget breakdown of the production (special form) 
  3. Financial plan (special form) 
  4. Agreements with co-producers and financers 
  5. Detailed breakdown of expenses per co-producer 
  6. Proof of intellectual rights 
  7. Statements and confirmations for the participation of the main actors 
  8. Proof of registered copyright 
  9. Agreements with distributors
  10. Film promotion plan 
  11. Curriculum vitae of the director, the producer, the scriptwriter and profile of the production house
  12. Proof of obtaining 50% in cash of the film’s budget without capitalisation of the producer’s, the director’s or the scriptwriter’s remuneration.
  13. The Committee accepts the provision of services, as follows:
    • Cover of the cost for the rental of machinery
    • Supply of work 
    • Capitalisation of part of the remuneration of the scriptwriters, the producer, the director, the actors, the director of photography and other artists involved.
  14. In case financiers include the Greek Film Centre or other official agencies in Greece, the certificate of submission of the file or the approval or the letter of intent. 
  15. Any additional evidence which the producer considers useful in strengthening his proposal.

XMAS recognizes only one production budget for itself, the Greek Film Center and Eurimages. 



  1. The professional adequacy and the capabilities of the productionhouse. 
  2. The producer’s work up to this day 
  3. Originality in the conception and the development of the plot. 
  4. The work of the proposed director up to this day 
  5. The actual and proven coverage of the production’s funding plan 
  6. The value of the production’s artistic and technical resources

Production files are reviewed during one period of evaluation. Files submitted after the producers have received funding from XMAS for the script and/or the development of the production plan will be given priority in the review process. 

In view of the evaluation of the files, XMAS sets up a Script Subcommittee or an Advisory Opinion Committee. The Subcommittee consists of three persons appointed according to merit from the broader cinema industry. The Subcommittee’s term of office is two years. 
The Script Subcommittee or the Advisory Opinion Committee gives its opinion on the script to the Committee, in writing, using its own grading system and suggests:

  1. the approval of proposals considered worthy
  2. the rejection of scripts 
  3. the further treatment of the script

The verification of the budgets of the proposals is carried out exclusively by XMAS’s secretariat. 
XMAS may reach the following decisions:

  1. approval of the proposal for funding
  2. rejection 
  3. return of the proposal if the file is found to be incomplete

In such cases, one month notice is given for the completion of the file. The same deadline is also granted in case the script is deemed unfinished. 
Proposals whose file has been rejected may be submitted again in the following year only if they present substantial changes which justify a new submission. 

Proposals whose funding has been approved and in respect of which the relevant contracts have been signed can, in no case, be presented again before the Committee for additional funding.  

Funding Application Form