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Human rights and the Law
As a company we have clear responsibilities in upholding human rights principles, wherever we operate. We need to ensure that we are not involved in human rights violations, either directly or indirectly and that we operate in accordance with internationally accepted human rights standards, such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Core Conventions. http://www.ilo.org/global/About_the_ILO/Mainpillars/Therightsatwork/Labour_Standards/lang--en/index.htm

Work is part of everyone's daily life and is crucial to a person's dignity, well-being and development as a human being. In Socrates & Soc we strongly believe in creating such working conditions in which people can work in freedom, safety and dignity and thus giving them the tools to excel.

Where we discover, or are made aware, that we have been associated with human rights violations we shall take steps to remedy the situation, taking account of the interests of those whose rights are being violated. In cases where we discover that we are associated with violations of human rights we will take appropriate action in mitigation. This may include exiting a particular business relationship, or constructive engagement with others to promote good practice.

Respect and Dignity
We will treat each other with respect and fairness at all times, just as we wish to be treated ourselves. We will value the difference of diverse individuals from around the world. Employment decisions will be based on business reasons, such as qualifications, talents and achievements, and will comply with local and national employment laws.

We are firmly committed to providing equal employment opportunities and any abusive, harassing or offensive conduct is unacceptable, whether verbal, physical or visual. No discrimination on the basis of race, religion, colour, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, disability, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law will be allowed.

Communication Channels
Effective communication channels within our Company are critical to the Company’s success. We are committed to providing effective channels of communication among the Directors, the Management team and our employees. This will lead to greater focus and effectiveness, foster teamwork, promote synergy and in general help the Company to develop effective strategies that will realize greater potential than the sum of its individual businesses.

Safety and health

We are all responsible for maintaining a safe workplace by following safety and health rules and practices. We are committed to keeping our workplaces free of hazards. To protect the safety of all employees, each of us must report to work free from the influence of any substance that could prevent us from conducting work activities safely and effectively. Threats or acts of violence or physical intimidation are prohibited.

We maintain only those employee personnel and medical records necessary for business, legal or contractual purposes. Access to those records and the information contained therein is limited to those with a need to know for a legitimate business purpose. Every employee has the right to see his/her own employee record.