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Community Service
We serve society by providing a life-enhancing product that contributes to the entertainment of children around the world, and by actively supporting the communities in which we operate.

Our Company encourages all members of the Socrates & Soc family to participate in local activities that address needs of the communities in which they reside and work.

Our company abides by all applicable health, safety and environmental laws in all countries in which we conduct operations. Our Company is committed to protecting the environment by minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and operating our businesses in ways that foster sustainable use of the world's natural resources.

Communicating with External Audiences

The Company will provide fair, accurate, timely and easy to understand information to the public. To ensure professional and consistent handling, requests from the media should be forwarded to the secretary of the Company.

Political Activity
We are politically neutral and have a policy of not making contributions to political parties or campaigns. Employees participating as individuals in political activity or campaigning do so in their personal capacity and not as our Company’s representative. No personal contributions to any political cause, party or candidate should be represented as coming from the Company.