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Fair competition
Competition law, both in the EU and in other countries where we operate, prohibits companies from being involved in anticompetitive agreements or conduct. We are committed to free and fair competition and to abiding by the laws and regulations which apply wherever we do business. Our policy is to compete aggressively and successfully but at all times while operating honestly and ethically.   

Conflicts of Interest
Each of us and our immediate families should avoid any situation that may conflict or appear to conflict with the interests of the Company. Business decisions and actions must be based on the best interests of Socrates & Soc and must not be motivated by personal considerations or relationships. However, every director, manager, employee is required to disclose any situation that may be, or appear to be, a conflict of interest, in accordance with policy. When in doubt, it is best to disclose.

We may not use personal influence to get Socrates & Soc to do business with a company in which our family members or friends have an interest. We should disclose any close relationship that might make it appear we could favor another company to the detriment of the Company’s best interests.

Data protection
Personal data protection deals with the protection of personal information relating to an individual against unauthorised and illegal collection, recording and further use. In collecting information about our business partners, associates, and any third parties we are doing business with our aim is to safeguard their best interests and to act in compliance with local Laws, whilst ensuring that we will not transmit or disclose to third parties information about our them, except in cases where this is necessary and is connected directly with the fulfillment of our duties towards local laws.

We will respect and observe obligations of confidentiality and non-disclosure of confidential information and trade secrets of third parties. We will respect the legitimate intellectual property rights of others and will not reproduce or use any of those rights except as permitted by the applicable license agreement or by law.